Friday, 25 May 2012

Grass Snakes Anyone?

Do we have any grass snakes on display? Yes... we do, we always have and I have many pictures proving this. Yet still I get asked almost daily if there are actually any in the enclosure.

The thing is with grass snakes, you have to be patient and spend a few moments looking. Even if they are out basking, they are so well camouflaged it can still be difficult to see them. And what with the Adders next door being so active recently, it just emphasises the lazy nature of the grass snake.

But, not want to be one that disappoints, I have acquired a couple of new grass snakes to add to the enclosure. Hopefully having  couple more in there will increase the odds of you being able to spot one.

The grass snake is Britain's largest reptile, though only found in England and a few in Wales. An aquatic species that is usually found near water, and is an excellent swimmer. The grass snake mainly preys on frogs, toads and newts but will also take small fish and the occasional small mammal.

It is going to be a lovely warm weekend this week, so come and check out our snake pits... I am sure they will be making the most of the warmer weather and be basking out for you all to see.

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