Saturday, 5 May 2012

BWC Keepers

9th of May

Many people come up to me and say what a fantastic job I must have, and it is true... I do... I love my job, but it is much more than a job to me, it is a lifestyle! I live, sleep, breath British wildlife and the BWC and I hope my passion and obsession comes across through my work.

I have made a lot of changes in my four years of being head keeper, and I have many more ideas and plans to put into motion in the future... but everything I do, and the Centre does, couldn't be done with out the help of my excellent keeping team.

My keepers are brilliant, the best, a fantastic team that work so well together, are a pleasure for me to work with and always go far and beyond what is expected of them for the good of the Centre and British wildlife.

Next Wednesday

Izzy has been here the longest full time, and despite her occasional mood swings and temper tantrums she is a joy to have around. Lover of all wildlife, Hares are a distinct favourite followed by foxes. Izzy really is great at her job, and fantastic at what she does. I also have the pleasure of her being the best girlfriend in the world.

Wednesday the 9th

Richard has been here what seems like forever. A shy and retiring individual, I think working here is helping him to build his confidence and come out of himself a bit. Wildcats are a favourite, but it is the Pine Marten that is his true love. Richard is brilliant at his job, and inspiring to have around for both the public and the rest of the team.

May the 9th

Katie has worked here on and off since before I was here. She is amazing at working with all animals, but tends to prefer the more furry as opposed to feathery animals we have. However despite this she has remarkable skills in rearing and training the owls. She is stupendous at working here, always has a smile on her face and really brings great value to the team.

Wednesday the 9th, next Wednesday

Leonie has only been here for a year, but has already shown great skill and excelled herself in the work she does. Always thinking things through before taking on a task, the results really do speak for themselves. Difficult to pry her away from the Wildcats sometimes, but when you do she is very keen and eager to learn new things.

9th, 9TH, Next Wednesday the 9th of May

Tom is our new boy, having only been here since the end of last Summer. Another keeper who has picked things up extremely quickly. Although sometimes rushing through the day, he still manages to get everything done to a very high standard and his results speak for themselves. Not really a people person but his confidence is growing. He is also arguably the best brother in the world!

9th of May

So to my keepers... thank you for being so brilliant, you really do make my Britain Great! (too cheesy?)

Oh, by the way team... You might not of heard, but it is my birthday next week. It's on Wednesday the 9th of May! You don't have to go to any trouble over it, but just thought I would remind you. Being as amazing as you are I am sure you were already aware.



  1. As '2nd timers' 9th May is our 10th wedding anniversary so 'double celebrations' ... Happy birthday and keep up the good work. I hope your workmates help you to celebrate your birthday in style :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Mat, Debbie


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