Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Baby Barn Owls

It's that time of year again, and we have a new pair of barn owls sat on some chicks! Looking to strengthen our flying team, we have decided to take a couple of the chicks away to rear and train to join our already elite members.

The chicks are now roughly 2 weeks old, and are still just too ugly to photograph (OK, so I was just to lazy at the end of the day to get some pics), but above is what they will look like in a couple of weeks time. A little more appealing to the eye, but then it is only when they really get to this stage below when they start to take on the appearance of a barn owl.

We take them away at such a young age so that they will train to fly. Anything after 3 weeks, and it is very difficult to train them... they are then better left to be reared by mum and become good aviary birds.

Before three weeks however and they will become so imprinted on us that they will believe that they are a person, just one that likes to wear an owl suit... but hey, we all have our fetishes don't we Rich ;-)

The two chicks are being reared by Leonie and Tom, and may well start to make an appearance over the half-term week, so keep your eyes open.


  1. Hi we have a barn owl box upin a field on the farm. something is living in it as last yr we found pelets from a bird of pray also white down. would love to put a camera in. when is the best time to do this and can i if theres a barn owl in as i no you are not suppose to disturb them. could you email your thoughts on this to me my email is thanx for your time lindsay.

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