Monday, 26 October 2009


Hello readers. Hope you are all well and enjoying the mild start to the Autumn and welcome to the BWC's first blog entry of what will be a popular and informal journal of the comings and goings here a the British Wildlife Centre.

I will make every effort to keep you up to date with various news and information about the animals throughout the year, especially during the next few months when of course we are closed to the general public.

In particular look forward to blog posts about the progress of our Owl chicks flying training, youngsters being moved onto display ready for the viewing public, new arrivals and of course progress on our new venture the "Walkthrough Red Squirrel enclosure."

Deer Rut

Anyway, what better way to start the official blog than with a typical Autumn scene. "The Rut"

This year Eric, our Master Red Stag, reigned supreme with very little challenge from Alfie thus making him the dominant stag now for a few years.... but look out Eric, Alfie is getting very confident and I am sure will give you a good run for your money next year.

As for our Fallow Deer, William our younger pale buck put up a great challenge to Norman. Unfortunately it was drawn to a short conclusion when, as this video footage shows, he lost his antler in one of the clashes. Luckily only his pride was hurt and I am sure he will be up for the challenge again next year, meanwhile congratualtions to Norman who remains for another year our Master Buck.

While watching this video you will hear a loud "crack" and then see William run off with one less antler.