Thursday, 4 January 2018

Photo of the Month: December 2017

"Red Squirrel" by Paul Stuart

Happy new year to you all, and to start of the new year... let us round up last year with December's photo of the month.

Despite the shorter days, wetter and colder weather, there were still many cameras around the Centre and many photographs shared. Paul Stuart particularly caught our eye with some beautiful photographs from his visit, including a lovely sequensce of our Eagle owl during the flying display. It was one if Paul's red squirrel portraits though that we chose for our last photo for the month for 2017.

As with the other eleven monthly photos of last year, Paul's picture will be in with the chance to win a photographic day here at the Centre.

Below are a couple more of Paul's photos, and to see even more follow the link in his name to go to his flickr page.

"Weasel looking out" by Paul Stuart

"Big Foot (Talons)" by Paul Stuart

Another photo we had to share here is this picture of Whitstable and Oriel, our breeding pair of polecats, sent in to us over email by Steve Conn. Really shows off the size difference between male and female... many think it is a mum and baby when they see them.

"Polecats" by Steve Conn