Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Best wishes from all the Keepers at the BWC to all of you for the coming year! Thank you for all your support through out 2011, and for helping to make the Blog and the Centre great.

Things will not stop as we start a fresh for 2012. We have new plans for a new exhibit at the British Wildlife Centre for early next year... more news to follow as things develop. And of course the blog will still be offering regular posts to update you on the comings and goings of the BWC. Starting on Monday with the final shortlisting announcement for our 2011 photographic competition. The 20 contenders for the "Animal Portraits" category.

Happy New Year for tomorrow, and don't forget... we are still open every day until the end of Tuesday January the 3rd, 2012. Maybe see you here.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

BWC Photo Comp; "Animals in their Habitat"

Happy holidays to you all, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. If you are looking to escape the festivities for a while then why not come and see us... we are now open everyday until next Tuesday, January the 3rd, 2012. If you don't fancy coming out but still need a break from the Christmas season, then why not take a peek at the photos below..

The following 20 photos are the short-listed entries for the "Animals in their Habitat" category of our 2011 BWC Photo Competition. This category saw a staggering number of entries and so if you managed to get into the group below, many congratulations.
As I have mentioned before, winners to be announced during January of next year as chosen by our judging panel, headed by renowned wildlife photographer Andy Rouse.

 "Little Owl" - David Miles

 "Tawny" - David Miles

 "Short Eared Owl" - Diandy

 "Where's Wally?" - Flowersnow

 "Adder" - Gary Rachame

 "Badger" - Hubert Hung

 "Hide and Seek" - Joannel Wainford

 "Field Mouse" - John Harding

 "Marsh Frog" - Keith Brooks

 "Fox" - Mark Tolcher

 "Harvest Mouse" - Mark Bridger

 "Fox" - Mike Bainbridge

 "Mouse" - Moira (GML Images)

 "Water Vole Snacking" - Onca99

 "Red Squirrel" - Pagnobito

 "Stargazing" - Peter Hale

 "I'm looking down on you" - Peter Tettlow

 "Otter" - Phil Homer

 "Natural Acrobat" - Sue Edwards

"Mouse" - Tabbiecat

Next Monday, and the first blog post of 2012, will showcase the final 20 photographs in the competition and the short-listed entries for the "Animal Portraits" category. Unsurprisingly this was the most popular category receiving the most entries.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas to all our blog readers. Thank you for your support over the past year, we hope you all have a fantastic few days while you enjoy the Christmas festivities.

Please remember, we are open to the public from Tuesday the 27th of December 2011 until Tuesday the 3rd of January 2012. So if you need an excuse to walk of your Christmas dinner, or just want to escape the family for a while, do come and visit us. New keeper talk times are listed above under the tab and include for the first time, Dormice!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, 19 December 2011

BWC Photo Comp; "Animals in Motion"

Today sees the announcement of the twenty photos short-listed in the "Animals in Motion" category. A large number of entries were submitted to this category, showing off lots of different interpretation of the heading. It was very difficult to condense them down to the final short-list but I think you will all agree, we have some stunning images here shown below...

Winners to be announced during January of next year, chosen by our judging panel headed by professional wildlife photographer Andy Rouse.

 "Doing the Fox Trot" - ASB Images

 "Off to find my Supper" - Dereck Howes

 "Gangway, Coming through" - Helen Shaw

 "This many Hazelnuts" - Ian Rentoul

 "Otters play fighting" - John Gribble

 "Squirrel with Huge Nut" - John Gribble

 "Deer" - Karen Jones

 "Wildcat" - Keith Brooks

 "Front Crawl or Doggy Paddle, Umm" - Mandy Swanwick

 "Ethel" - Mark Bridger

 "Jack" - Mark Bridger

 "Lex" - Miacat

 "Jack" - Mike Bainbridge

 "Snowy Owl" - Realisephotography

 "Flo on the Run" - Russel Harvey

 "Foxes" - Stevesinton124

 "I'm coming down" - Sue Edwards

 "Having a Domestic" - Susietphotos

 "Prey in sight, Closing in" - Tenpinphil

"Frog" - Wendy Goodbody

Once again, a great short-list of varied images. It will be difficult to select a winner. Next week we will announce the final twenty photographs short-listed for the "Animals in their Habitat" category. These will be posted a day later on the Tuesday, the day after Boxing Day.

Monday, 12 December 2011

BWC Photo Comp; "Animals with their Keepers"

This week sees the 20 shortlisted photographs entered for the "Animals and their Keepers" category. I think you will all agree that their are some fantastic images below, all worthy of their place here.

As always, the judging panel headed by Professional Wildlife Photographer, and friend of the Centre, Andy Rouse will be picking the winners and runners up of each category to be announced in the New Year.

 "Come on Richard, You know I can fit another chick in" - Amanda Hawes

 "Turbo the Hedgehog" - ASB Images

 "Devotion" - Chris Sweet

 "Forty Winks" - Duncan Jennings

 "Squirrel and Laura" - Erica Bower

 "Fox Cub" - Fless2

 "That Tickles" - Helen Shaw

 "Trust" - Helen Shaw

 "Hedgehog" - Jason Steel

 "Fox cub and Keeper" - John Gribble

 "Katie and Flo" - Karen Jones

 "Baby Badger" - Linda Dance

 "You nose how much I love you" - Mary Morgan

 "I love you" - Philip Petrou

 "Rich with Barn Owl" - Philip Pound

 "In safe hands" - Phil Long

 "Wildcat" - Robert Parker

 "Izzy my friend" - Talkbacktopics

 "Red Deer" - Tenpinphil

"Promise not to bite" - Tessa Brammel

Good luck to all the short-listed entries, next Monday sees the announcement of the short-listed twenty for "Animal in Motion"