Monday, 19 December 2011

BWC Photo Comp; "Animals in Motion"

Today sees the announcement of the twenty photos short-listed in the "Animals in Motion" category. A large number of entries were submitted to this category, showing off lots of different interpretation of the heading. It was very difficult to condense them down to the final short-list but I think you will all agree, we have some stunning images here shown below...

Winners to be announced during January of next year, chosen by our judging panel headed by professional wildlife photographer Andy Rouse.

 "Doing the Fox Trot" - ASB Images

 "Off to find my Supper" - Dereck Howes

 "Gangway, Coming through" - Helen Shaw

 "This many Hazelnuts" - Ian Rentoul

 "Otters play fighting" - John Gribble

 "Squirrel with Huge Nut" - John Gribble

 "Deer" - Karen Jones

 "Wildcat" - Keith Brooks

 "Front Crawl or Doggy Paddle, Umm" - Mandy Swanwick

 "Ethel" - Mark Bridger

 "Jack" - Mark Bridger

 "Lex" - Miacat

 "Jack" - Mike Bainbridge

 "Snowy Owl" - Realisephotography

 "Flo on the Run" - Russel Harvey

 "Foxes" - Stevesinton124

 "I'm coming down" - Sue Edwards

 "Having a Domestic" - Susietphotos

 "Prey in sight, Closing in" - Tenpinphil

"Frog" - Wendy Goodbody

Once again, a great short-list of varied images. It will be difficult to select a winner. Next week we will announce the final twenty photographs short-listed for the "Animals in their Habitat" category. These will be posted a day later on the Tuesday, the day after Boxing Day.

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