Monday, 12 December 2011

BWC Photo Comp; "Animals with their Keepers"

This week sees the 20 shortlisted photographs entered for the "Animals and their Keepers" category. I think you will all agree that their are some fantastic images below, all worthy of their place here.

As always, the judging panel headed by Professional Wildlife Photographer, and friend of the Centre, Andy Rouse will be picking the winners and runners up of each category to be announced in the New Year.

 "Come on Richard, You know I can fit another chick in" - Amanda Hawes

 "Turbo the Hedgehog" - ASB Images

 "Devotion" - Chris Sweet

 "Forty Winks" - Duncan Jennings

 "Squirrel and Laura" - Erica Bower

 "Fox Cub" - Fless2

 "That Tickles" - Helen Shaw

 "Trust" - Helen Shaw

 "Hedgehog" - Jason Steel

 "Fox cub and Keeper" - John Gribble

 "Katie and Flo" - Karen Jones

 "Baby Badger" - Linda Dance

 "You nose how much I love you" - Mary Morgan

 "I love you" - Philip Petrou

 "Rich with Barn Owl" - Philip Pound

 "In safe hands" - Phil Long

 "Wildcat" - Robert Parker

 "Izzy my friend" - Talkbacktopics

 "Red Deer" - Tenpinphil

"Promise not to bite" - Tessa Brammel

Good luck to all the short-listed entries, next Monday sees the announcement of the short-listed twenty for "Animal in Motion"


  1. Of all the pictures in all the competitions, some of the best are in this section. These show the connections between your keepers and animals - long may the last!


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