Friday, 8 January 2010

More snow!

We all woke up to over 6 inches of snow at the Centre on Wednesday morning and although looking very pretty it brought with it some chaos. Unfortunatley a few of the enclosures have been damaged by the snow and a lot of the netting on the avairies have been ripped leading to lots of repair work needing to be done.

The snow did lead to both Chris Packham and Andy Rouse visiting us to spend some time taking photos of our animals and playing with "Flo"

I am pleased to report that despite the damage all our animals are safe and acounted for, they seem far more adept at coping with a little snow than we do

And we are forecast yet more snow over the weekend and for it all to hang around for up to a couple of weeks!.... urgh

Check out local paper 'This is Surrey today' to read a short article on our otters to acompany the new series of 'Dancing on Ice' and to see me being heavily miss-quoted! I promise you all I am not the reality TV show fan it paints me out to be and in fact I didn't have a clue what the show was, who was in it and I certainly did not say the obvious otter pun which was printed. In fact I think the only thing they got right was my age and where I live.
See you all a week on Sunday I hope!

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  1. Oh come on Matt, we all know the other keepers have to drag you away from the TV to do your keeper talks ;-)

    Really like the Robin shot


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