Sunday, 31 January 2010

Photographic competiton

Hello to you all on this extremely cold morning, brrr!

We are thinking of starting up a regular photographic competition to run inline with our 3 yearly newsletters. Nothing to fancy, just for fun... anyone can enter. And the winning photo will not necessarily be the best but will be the favourite of the keepers that work here.

To start off with it will just be any photo taken here at the Centre. But if it gains popularity and becomes a staple in our newsletter then maybe we will look to expand it to have themes for each new start. Interaction, Species specific, Behaviour, Water etc etc... Stiill all taken here of course!

So let me know what you think...

Obviously something like this will only work with input and support from our visitors so feel free to make suggestions on this and/or and ideas on how we could do it!

Comment below, email me or leave a message on our Flickr or Facebook group.

Thank you.


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