Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Winter roadshow success

Our "Winter Roadshow" school visit scheme was another new venture we started at the end of last year. It is a way that we can get more schools involed in the quiter months here at the Centre by taking some of our animals to see them. We offer two presentations. British Owls and Small Mammals.
Visits have usually lasted an hour with a keeper taking a few animals to show while talking about them. Today was our last booking of a successful run and it was the owls turn to be in the limelight.
Now we are just all preparing ourselves for the busy Spring and Summer months to start. We only have a handful of free days for schools left with the rest being taken up already by large school groups of up to 100 children as well as the oidd photographic day of course.
Just a reminder that we are open for February half term for one week from this Saturday 13th Feb 2010.

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