Friday, 3 September 2010

Jack is back!

I have, over the past couple of days, started to train Jack, the Peregrine Falcon, up again for flying displays over the deer paddock. Some of you may have seen me over the past couple of days at the back of the paddock with him, and I am pleased to say he is flying well and will be on display everyday from tomorrow (Saturday) at a scheduled time which will be on the reception white board.

I am sure this news will please many of you, especially the photographers out there. I have on almost a daily basis been asked about Jack since I rested him due to the heat of the Summer and him moulting. You will have to bear with me and Jack over the first couple of weeks while he gets his fitness up again and I get used to his speed, but I am sure it will not take too long.

Come the Autumn half-term I am thinking of adding a trial bird display in the mornings to compliment the owl display in the afternoons. This will just give me a feel of what and how it can be done, which will give us the opportunity to fine tune it over the Winter before adding it to the full schedule next year.

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