Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Winter is here

No! We haven't got snow here yet, these photos are from last year. But this morning we woke up to the coldest morning so far, and forecasts are showing it is the start of Winter with temperatures dropping over the coming days. We are even forecast snow over the weekend! But we will have to wait and see if that holds true. But even so, if no snow this weekend, it looks very likely we will have snow at some point over the winter if its to be as long and cold as predicted.

The animals never seem to mind the weather this time of year, and all cope extremely well. Most of them have moulted into their thick winter coats already and are better prepared than we are. Arguably they look much better this time of year when they do have their winter coats.

For the keepers, this time of year is mixed. We begin to slow down with school and photographic bookings which you would assume gives us more time. But instead we are equally busy with the extra routines needed to keep the animals in full health. Extra feeding duties need to be undertaken, water needs to be ensured is not frozen, nest boxes all nice and cosy etc. Not to mention all the maintenance work we are trying to get on top of before we open up again. All this with cold feet, cold fingers and frozen water taps which just makes the general day to day jobs take that little extra time than normal.

 Whether we get snow or not this weekend, it is clear winter has arrived at the BWC. 

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