Monday, 13 June 2011

Something Special

Another busy week has passed (sorry for lack of updates), and another hectic week is in front of us all here at the BWC. Today started off with two school visits, two researchers asking for our help, and a whole day of filming by the cbeebies crew.

Some of our animals are to be the stars of "Something Special" where Mr Tumble, or at least his alter ego Justin, shows some children some of the different British wildlife.

The 3 featured animals where our Red Squirrels, Fallow Deer and Hedgehogs. Other animals where filmed for linking bits and pieces as well.

All performed excellently, and with a bit of patience from the film crew, they went away happy with what they had achieved,

I will let you all know when it airs, when I know, but it could be a little bit of fun to watch.

Now to finish off a busy day, I am off to "imp" Jack the peregrine's tail feathers. Some of you may have noticed a couple that had broken... well to aid his flight, and make him look a little more presentable, I am taking him to see my falconer guru to repair the damage. Check him out at the weekend in his new apparel.

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