Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fox Cub Update

We have had a lot of evening photography groups of late, and it seems the main stars of the show have always been Flo's fox cubs. They are growing fast, and becoming very playful. Often seen out and about now, and often seen interacting and playing with dad Frodo.

The three orphaned fox cubs we had brought in to us, which Katie has been rearing very successfully, will soon be making there way to a new home. We have decided to keep the male, Shadow, here at the Centre to introduce to Frodo and Flo when he is a little older. The two vixens however look destined to meet up with "Snoop", who we passed on to the Isle of Wight Zoo earlier this year.

This will then leave the 4 fox cubs sired by Flo. We will look at re-homing then at the end of the Summer, when they are just a bit too big for the enclosure and boisterous for the parents.

Don't forget, Members Evening this Saturday! More details to follow later in the week.

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