Monday, 2 January 2012

BWC Photo Comp; "Animal Portrait"

Happy New Year to you all, and welcome to the eagerly anticipated final short-list for our 2011 Photographic Competition. I'm sure it will come as no surprise that the Animal Portrait category received the most entries with nearly 250 photos submitted.

Below are the 20 short-listed entries as selected by the staff at the BWC, and as with all the categories the winner and runner-up will be chosen by our judging panel headed by Professional Wildlife Photographer and friend of the Centre, Andy Rouse.

 "Flo at feeding time" - ASB Images

 "Fairwell to Lex" - David Miles

 "Barn Owl" - Dolts 007

 "Foxy Flo" - Flwersnow

 "Hedgehog" - Green Dreams Photography

 "Yawning Fox" - Green Dreams Photography

 "Water Vole" - Ian Rentoul

 "Red Squirrel" - Janet Howard

 "Vole" - Jenny Hibbert

 "Sweet Dreams" - Madmike

 "Quick blow dry and I'm all yours" - Mandy Swanwick

 "Polecat" - Mjvallely

 "Over the Grass Horizon" - Old Man George

 "Focused" - Philip Petrou

 "Super Red" - Portiaphotos

 "Peeking Polecat" - Pui Hang

 "Stalking Kendra" - Pui Hang

 "We're all here!" - Sally Moloney

 "Frodo" - Steve Sinton

"Moment of Relaxation" - Sue Edwards

Many congratulations to all of the short-listed entries over all of the categories. Winners will be announced next week with the overall winner of the grand prize the following week. Good Luck!

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