Monday, 6 February 2012

BWC under snow

I hinted at some snow photos yesterday, but unfortunately had little time to take any. After setting up for the day we soon realised there had been quite a bit of snow damage to some of the enclosures. That left just 2 of us to not only look after and feed all the animals, but also make the essential repairs to prevent any escapees!...

Nearing the end of the day, light fading, I managed to get 15 minutes... Since our foxes are currently shut in I spent my time with the otters.

The squirrel above taken on a quick pass through the enclosure on the way to work.

After today all the repairs have been made. The snow is beautiful to look at and great for some nice photos, but can cause a lot of problems here and makes every little job that much harder.


  1. You have snow we have rain, rain and more rain in Sydney!

  2. Lovely photo of your otters in the Mail on line today.


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