Monday, 6 August 2012

Red Squirrel Kittens

Our walkthrough squirrel enclosure is booming, and at the moment the second litter to have been born in there this year is just starting to venture out and explore their surroundings.
Some of you may not have noticed, but there was a drey underneath one of the benches... not the best place to build one, but obviously good enough as one of our females has managed to rear a few kittens in their quite successfully.

High-five to the dad, who has been very proud... well actually he just chases them away if they get too near to him!

This brings the population of the walkthrough enclosure to around 16 squirrels, almost at capacity, so next year we will be looking at the prospect of catching some of the kits from the walkthrough and introducing them in to our breeding programme.

Hard life being a squirrel! Come and see our youngsters over the Summer before they are fully grown and unrecognisable from the adults.

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