Friday, 8 March 2013

Wildcats Together

Earlier this week we introduced or new male wildcat, "McTavish", to our female "Kendra". They now both share the run of our first two enclosures opposite the badger sett.

Having arrived at the Centre only a couple of weeks ago, McTavish has been flirting with Kendra through the wire. Now that they are together we hope that they will breed. In time we will open up the third pen for them to roam in, then allowing us to separate the enclosures as we see fit if they do produce a litter later this year.


  1. Thats great news- if they do have kits do you think any would be released into the wild or do you still need to build up numbers in captivity?

    Is there a skew of any sex in captive populations eg more males than females etc

  2. At this time we do not release our wildcats, currently there is no where suitable for this to happen. We work closely with the Scottish Wildcat Association who are looking at ways we can help conserve the wildcat, and are working on a "Wildcat Haven" project to provide a suitable habitat for potential future release.

    All our cats are part of the studbook. I am unsure of any drastic skew in the sex ratio, having not seen the most recent studbook, but from memory I believe it to be fairly even.


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