Friday, 13 December 2013

BWC Photo Comp: "Fauna Fun" Shortlist

Next up in our shortlisted photographs for 2013 is our ten chosen pics for the "Fauna Fun" category. This category went down well with the staff, and with you too it seems with an increase in the number of entries from last year!

This year we have asked professional wildlife photographer Danny Green to be our judge and to chose the winners. Danny has been here in the past both for himself and to run workshops, but spends most of his time out in the wild. Recent years has seen him team up with other great photographers to set up "Nature Photography Hides". This gives keen photographers an even better chance of seeing real "wild" wildlife, and great opportunities to take away some stunning images.

So, here are the next ten photos in the competition:

BWC Photo Competition 2013: "FAUNA FUN"

 "And smile!" by wendysalisbury - flickr

 "Coffee" by Ian Rentoul (Ian Rentoul Photography)- flickr

 "Don't look down" by mark_rutley - flickr

 "Go on, tickle my tummy" by flame force five - flickr

 "I can roar like a lion" by Gary Stamp - email

 "If I could just move it a bit" by Dee Maddams - email

 "Lunch is coming, I can smell it" by caldwell creations - flickr

 "Say, ahhh!" by susietphotos - flickr

 "Thith thalmon ith thalty" by gus h - flickr

"Watch out, look where you are going" by daveG001 - flickr

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