Friday, 1 May 2015

Dancing Adder Videos

I think the dancing for this season may be over... I have seen only one more short period of action since my post last week, and that was for a few minutes Saturday afternoon, luckily some of you were here to see it.

Will they dance this weekend?.. To be honest, I doubt it very much. The weather has not been great, and they have been rather inactive the last few days, so if we get a warm spell it is possible... and I remember a couple of years a go they stopped for a week and then started up again for a few days, but my feeling is that this years dancing is done.

So, to round up the dancing adder posts, have a look at a couple of videos...

This one above is a few clips of the adders dancing from this year, from my afternoon in with them a couple of Tuesdays ago. I recorded about 30 minutes in slow motion, but have kept it at normal speed for most of it and cut it down to about 4 minutes. It also tells you a bit more about the "dance".

This clip is a couple of bits in slow motion to show the movement a bit more. I believe it is about a 1/4 of the normal speed.

And, if that is not enough for you, I include a link below to a video taken by member Duncan Jennings. Duncan has spent a bit of time watching the adders over the past few weeks, and kindly kept me informed of the comings and goings while I was busy elsewhere. Not only did he get to see some dancing, and some mating, he saw one of the males shed his skin out in the open... very rare to see that here, and Duncan even managed to catch it on camera!

So, to see an adder shedding his skin, follow this link to Duncan's video.

And to see more of Duncan's photos and videos, follow this link to his flickr photo stream.

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