Sunday, 19 July 2015

National Zoo Keeper Week

I was made aware today that apparently it is "National Zoo Keeper Week" in America, from today until next Saturday the 25th.

Is this something that takes place around the world? I don't know, but I certainly hadn't heard of it before. So maybe it should be... After all, it is the zoo keepers that are the back bone of any good zoological collection. Yes, all members of staff play an important role, don't get me wrong. But it is the animals that are the key, and who is it that makes sure they are safe, well and happy?.. the keepers! :-)

Often larger zoos have full educational departments to do "animal talks" and to guide school groups around. They may even have professional photographers to lead all their photographic days. Here at the BWC, it is the keepers that take on board all of this too... We are animal carers, educators, presenters, rehabilitators, veterinary assistants, record keepers, inventors, builders, gardeners, trainers, budget managers, health and safety officers, first aiders, cleaners, conservationists, researchers, dieticians... I could probably go on :-)

Not to mention the danger we put ourselves in on a daily basis!

We all love it though. None of this is a complaint, and please take it in tongue in cheek way it is meant. It is true that we work longer hours than our contracts, we work for very little pay, and often very dirty and smelly jobs! But we do what we love!

How many people can honestly say they look forward to going to work each day? How many people often go in to work on their days off just to help out? How many people don't complain about staying longer hours if needed? How many people get to express their passion for something they truly love everyday? How many people get to hand feed a pine marten every day! Again, i could go on :-)

Man I love my job!

So maybe we should have National Zoo Keeper Week over here too!

So what could anyone do to show their appreciation for zoo keepers throughout the UK?.. Oh, I don't know...

I do know that we like cake though :-)

Baby animal updates coming next week!

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