Wednesday, 9 March 2016

February 2016: Photo of the Month

"Red Fox" by Steven Weekly

Despite the wet and cold weather over the last month, many of you still visited us with your cameras to take some lovely photographs of our animals. We had a good assortment of pictures shared over the internet, with no particular animal taking the monopoly of images... But it did seem to be the month of some good ol' tongue action.

Of the many of these, I picked out the photograph above sent in via email by Steven Weekly of "Ellis" our fox posing nicely on the fallen tree. The lovely colours and light really makes this photo stand out, and Ellis' pose could not of been better. Proudly standing on the log with the classic intent fox stare at something in the foreground. The timing was perfect to capture Ellis licking his lips with the full extent of his tongue, likely in anticipation for his next meal. Well done Steven. 

Steven's photo will be on display in our coffee shop gallery next year, alongside the other chosen photos of the month. At the end of this year one of the twelve images will be selected by a professional wildlife photographer to win a photographic day here at the Centre. 

Have a look below for a few other photos shared with us over February.

"Muntjac" by Maryimackins

We had so many of animal tongues, I had to share another with you. This great close up of a Muntjac washing herself taken by Maryimackins on flickr.

"Trio of Otters" by Jenny McCluskey

Some beautiful line-ups caught my eye too. This one above of our three otters in a row taken by Jenny McCluskey.

"Highland Cattle" by Bobsphotography

And Bobs took advantage of our reserve to capture our three highland steers in a row.

"Wildcat" by Andrea Taylor

Of course we had our usual display of animal protraits, and you know I love a good portrait! This one above of McTavish I thought was great. Capturing his profile well, and showing of the classic wildcat tail in the background. Taken by Andrea Taylor and shared with us via email.

"Making the Bed" by Christine Sweet

Last months winner, Christine Sweet, produced again with this beautiful photo of Elwood gathering some nesting material. Something you don't often see.

Look forward to looking at your photos over March... keep them coming!

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