Wednesday, 8 June 2016

May 2016: Photo of the Month

"Wildcat Kittens" by Bob Matthews

May has been an exciting month for us here at the Centre. Lots of new baby arrivals, and some nicer weather beginning to break through. No surprises that the wildcat kittens and long-eared owl chick dominated the photos being shared.

Of course I had to pick a wildcat kitten photo, they have been such a draw with visitors coming from quite far away just to see them. Not only that, but they have been very good in coming out everyday and playing in front of their den, pleasing many people getting a glimpse of these adorable kittens. Difficult to choose just one photo from the many I've seen, but I chose this one above taken by Bob Matthews.

This photograph taken by Bob not only shows all three kittens, but also their mum, Kendra. It has been very difficult to get all three kittens, plus mum, in one shot, but Bob has managed it well. All beautifully in focus, one kitten attempting to play with mums tail, one hiding under the security of mum, and one about to pounce in a playful manner. Not forgetting Kendra of course, who is keeping a very close and watchful eye on the photographers. Well done Bob, a fantastic family portrait. 

Bob's photo will appear in our coffee shop gallery next year, and he will be in with a chance to win a photo day here at the Centre if chosen by our professional wildlife photographer judge at the end of the year. 

"Flo enjoys the spring sunshine" by Mike Crowle

We had some great foxy photos too this past month. This one above, taken by Mike Crowle, shows Flo enjoying the patch of sun on evening. 

"Hiding" by Sophiaspurgin

And this one of Biscuit, taken by Sophiaspurgin on flickr, shows that she is still beautiful in her old age, and how natural photographs can be taken in our enclosures.

"Otter" by Lesley Taylor

You know I like a good portrait, and this one of Elwood taken by Lesley Taylor, is just that. Stunning, and well composed being off centre and allowing a bit of space around him.

"That's the spot" by Natasha Jefferies

But back to the wildcats. If you want to see some really good interaction photos, check out Natasha Jefferies set of Kendra cleaning and washing the kittens. I loved the expression on the kittens face in this one above.

Thanks for looking everyone, and I look forward to seeing more of your photos over this month. There have already been some great ones sent in!

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  1. I love them all. The old fox reminds me of the foxes we get here in Woking. And the otter one is fantastic!


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