Friday, 9 December 2016

November 2016: Photo of the Month

"There's an Otter in there somewhere" by Steve Liptrot

There was clear favourite animal throughout november in terms of photography, our red squirrels! I am not surprised... they are active this time of year, and they look their best with their iconic ear tufts and beautiful full winter coats. But despite the abundance of great red squirrel photographs being shared, I decided to pick this one above taken by Steve Liptrot.

This photograph, taken by Steve, shows an animal hard at work. One of our otters, Emmy, busying away gathering new bedding material for a fresh new nest. Steve has done a brilliant job in capturing her running straight towards the camera, and the huge mouth fall of reeds and grasses adds a lovely element of humour. This photo shows how our enclosures are so naturally set up for the animals, that wild behaviour such as this can and does happen. Great work Steve.

"Ted" by Steve Liptrot

Steve's photo will be in our gallery next year, and you can see more of his photos by following the link in his name. Including this great shot of "Ted", one of our new foxes to the Centre.

"Hugo the Hedgehog" by Martin Paternoster

And I just had to share this trio of photos with you. OK, some of the more eagle eyed ones of you may notice these weren't taken here during the last month, but then I never said they had to be... and they were only shared this last month.

Martin took these wonderful photos of Hugo the hedgehog whilst here on one of our photo days. I particularly love the wide angle portrait above. Again, link in the name above will take you to see more of Martin's photos.

"Hedgehog Yawning" by Martin Paternoster

"Hugo" by Martin Paternoster

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