Friday, 20 January 2017

Otter Cub Update

Our otter cubs have been growing bolder by the day, and over the past couple of weekends have even made brief appearances after some of the keeper talks. I have tried to get some pictures for you to see, but... I have fallen short... I don't know, lack of time and I don't even know if I know my landscapes from portraits these days.

These were the best I could get, both taken shortly after a keeper talk, and both after Emmy took some food back to the holt to try and tempt them out... hey look, two cubs in the photo above!

"Otter Cub with Mum" by Moi Hicks

The good news though is that some of our members have been staking out the pond, and gone home with some lovely photographs of the youngsters. Like this one above taken by Moi Hicks, mother Emmy on the left taking one of the cubs down to the waters edge... and a great reflection!

"Otters" by Chloe Holland-Skinner, age 11

And how about this great photo by Chloe, age 11. Last weekend, shortly after our deer talk, I headed back past our otter pond in the rain... and a few brave souls were stood watching Emmy move her cubs from one holt to another. I don't think there was a camera between any of us, but a few people had their phones out and Chloe managed to capture this special moment.

You will probably see more images of our cubs pop up on the usual photo sharing sites over the next few weeks, or of course... come and see them for yourselves in person.

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