Saturday, 4 March 2017

Photo of the Month: February 2017

"Otter Cub" by Bob Howell

Trying to keep things seasonal, and relevant to the yearly activities, we had our eyes open for some lovely photos of our otter cubs... and we weren't disappointed. We have had a lot of them sent in to us and shared over the internet. Our two new foxes seem to still be drawing a lot of attention too, and believe it or not we had a very... VERY small snow flurry at the beginning of the month, which a few of you managed to enjoy.

Of all the fantastic otter cub photos we saw, we decided to chose this one above taken by Bob Howell. We loved the way she still had some grass on her head as she left the water. As always, check the links in names to see more of the photographers pictures.

"Otter Cub" by Zena Saunders

Lot's of playful photos of our cubs, they have been seen often playing with sticks and roots in and out of the water. 

"Otters Playing" by Natasha Jefferies

Elwood is being a great dad as always, and is always up for a bit of playtime with the youngsters.

"Red Fox" by Sean Weekly
We have seen some great portraits of our new foxes, like this one of Basil who is settling in to his new home really well.

"Roe Deer in Snow" by Bob Howell 

And remember that snow flurry I mentioned?.. Well, Bob was one of the photographers who happened to be here, and took this lovely photo of  one of our roe deer with the snow still falling.

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