Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Red Deer Rut

Our red deer are beginning to think about rutting, and the last few days has seen our master stag Albus Dumbledeer start to roar. Nothing too impressive, but signs of things to come over the coming weeks.

It could be a good rut this year, with our second stag Olivander closer in size to Albus than before and with a nice wide spread of antler. He certainly thinks he may have a chance, and has even rounded up the females for himself a few times as you can see below.

Still  not in the full flow though. A few more days and they will start bellowing out, and possibly in to next month we may see some clashing of antlers.


  1. Hope to see and hear it when I come to visit the last weekend in october

  2. Hi, I know this is totally unrelated to the rutt, which will be fantastic, but my question is: what are your thoughts on previously extinct wildlife,like the Lynx, returning to our eco-system?

    1. Hi Toby,

      That is a big question, and one that can't be easily answered in a comment response :-) I think it would have to depend on so many things... viability, sustainability, suitability and many other "*bilities" too. And yes, I am being deliberately vague.

      Depends on the species too, we have so many that have become extinct for one reason or another, but for your example the Lynx... I would say why not give it a go. They are such elusive animals, and most people probably wouldn't even know they were there once released.


    2. Thank you for the response, I agree with what you've said entirely.


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