Monday, 1 October 2018

New Mink, Malfoy

A few weeks a go we welcomed a new animal to the Centre. One that may not be welcome to all, but is still important for the Centre. This is "Malfoy" an American mink who was found/rescued and handed in to a local vets. His future was to be put down, being an invasive species they can not be released out in to the wild, but the vets contacted us to see if we could offer him a home here.

Usually the answer would of been no, but with our old male mink passing away earlier this year, it meant we did have a space for him. The vets were kind enough to castrate him for free for us, and having arrived a few weeks ago he has now been introduced to our female Mindy on display.

The vets named him Malfoy, and of course being a Harry Potter name we kept it :-) Whether you like mink or not, you have to admit he is a handsome devil. Very dark and sleek.

I occasionally get asked why we have mink here at the Centre. As I always say, as a Centre we try to represent the wildlife that is out in the wild of this country today. This means the ones that shouldn't be here too. We need to educate about why mink shouldn't be here and the effect they have on our native wildlife.


  1. You guys are awesome, and need no justification. Looking forward to seeing Malfoy on our next visit. :)

    Only animal I've never seen on our many visits is the albino squirrel... Is s/he really there??

    1. Hi Jutler,

      Our albino grey squirrel, Polly, is still very much here. Best time to try and see her is in the morning.



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