Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2019 to you all!

Lots of plans for the coming year which we will tell you about as and when they happen, but for now a little update. The badgers have settled down well, and Stanley, above, seems to have taken on the head of the clan. It won't be until the weather warms up and the evenings become lighter that they will be out regularly to feed during the afternoon, but you can see them all in their observation sett if you do decide to visit the Centre.

This is a photo of susie from last year, and once again this year she is beginning to turn white. Time will tell how white she will go but at the moment it is just very slight changes around the hind quarters. Keep an eye out for her if you do visit though, white or brown she is a real beauty!

And our otter cubs are beginning to be seen out now. Usually they make at least one appearance a day while we are open, but still not predicable as to when that will be. Another week or two and I imagine they will be following mum and dad out for the talks. 

To start off the new year we will bring the last photo of the month later this week, and then look at announcing the overall winner for last year as well as an otter cub update. Don't forget, we are still open today and tomorrow (Wednesday the 2nd) but then it will be back to weekends until next half term. 

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