Thursday, 5 March 2020

New Keepers

Can you believe it is March already! The year is racing by and there is much to catch you up on, but we will get you there in the end, took us a while too.

Roe buck antlers almost grown, new cat pens now ready, new cats arrived at the Centre and we mustn't forget how great our otter cubs have been!.. But first, let me introduce you to two other new arrivals here at the Centre. Jess and Luke pictured above.

It has been known to most of you, or certainly the regular visitors, that we have been short staffed for some time now. Having struggled on through the winter months, we are delighted to introduce Jess and Luke, our two new keepers (Jess is the one on the right.)

They are already settling in well, and picking things up quickly, so it won't be long till you see them out and about while you are visiting and I am sure you will make them feel welcome.

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