Saturday, 1 August 2020

Wildcat Kittens

It's been a strange year, a difficult few months, but finally we seem to be getting a little bit back to normality. We have been open to the public again, pre booking only, for the last month and it has been great to see many of you back here to share our wonderful wildlife with and to just give the Centre a "buzz" to the atmosphere. 

Blog posts have been absent while we have been working short staffed to keep things moving, but hopefully the office have been keeping you all up to date with the animal news via our social media pages. We have some new arrivals I will introduce you to soon, lots of babies, but perhaps most popular of all at the moment are our two litters of wildcat kittens!

Kendra, out experienced mum, gave birth seven and a half weeks a go now to two wildcat kittens. Both strong and healthy. They have been putting on a good show, coming out post days and playing near the back of the enclosure. 

Then a couple of weeks later Hilda, one of our newest wildcats, gave birth to her first litter. She has also had two strong, healthy kittens, and they are the ones pictured here in this post. 

Don't they look adorable? They have been spotted out a couple of times in the last week by visitors, and will get bolder by the day. One morning when heading in to work early I spotted them out on the log with mum, so dashed back to get my camera and took a few photos. 

This photo may look similar to the one above of the single kitten, but the pose is coincidental... this is of the other kitten. One photo of each. 

Look how amazingly blue their eyes are!.. Kittens always have brilliant blue eyes when first born, slowly changing to the greener eyes of adult hood, but this litter has the bluest eyes I have ever seen in a wildcat kitten. Stunning! 

Keep your eyes on the first two wildcat enclosures if you do decide to visit, the first pen has Hilda and her kittens in it and the second Kendra and her two kittens.


  1. Brilliant to see the kittens looking so healthy.

  2. Lovely to know there are four more wildcats in the world! Very cute little predators.

  3. So pretty markings and blue eyes. We visited recent and mum and kittens came out to eat a chance to see an elusive mammal.


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