Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Ratus ratus

Our rats have been in high demand over the last few months. Many of our Black and Brown rats were donated to a small collection to help freshen their bloodlines within their colonies. I took 21 of our Brown rats to Wildwood, Herne Bay, today to help them set up a new colony. Our Black rats were used at Tulleys Farm scarefest at their recent halloween festivities and now they are currently in Bristol being filmed for a televsion programme.

It may just be me but don't you think Black Rats are really pretty? If you can call a rat pretty then the black rat must be it!!!

Update: Toni the Tawny Owl went to School yesterday and was a huge hit with the kids, I feel he will be very popular with visitors and a real asset to the centre

The young weasel is growing very fast and becoming quite a character (Ouch!). He will be on display for the Christmas open period in our Hedgerow display before moving up to one of the photographic pens for our 2010 Spring opening onwards.

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  1. I agree the rat is beautiful. Wonderful photograph!


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