Friday, 13 November 2009

"Tony" Owl

A new Owl has joined our educational team in the form of a Tawny Owl...

This male Tawny Owl arrived at the BWC a little over a year ago from "Animaline" charity where he was rescued and reared from a chick. We origianlly put him out on display in our avairy with our other Tawny Owls until recently we decided to have a "friendly" Tawny Owl for handling purposes. Tony was the obvious choice with his start in life.

We caught him up last weekend and already he is a pro, sitting beautifully on the glove and having done his first private group appearance yesterday evening. On Monday he will have his first School trip when we present a talk on British Owls to Notre Dame Primary School in Lingfield.

Good luck Tony!

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