Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow at the BWC!

Heavy snow last night led to a very fun day at the Centre today! It was the first time many of our animals had seen the snow and they all took it in their stride. No surprises that Hedwig, the Snowy Owl, didnt seem phased at all and flew more beautifully than ever this afternoon. but the most fun to watch was our new arrival Flo, the fox. She was more crazy than ever, dashing around in the snow chasing snowballs and having great fun!

With more snow forecast next week and continuing cold weather, you never know... we could still have some of the white stuff left over come our Christmas open period.

Below are a few photos...

"Frodo" taking it in his stride

"Hedwig" don't think he even noticed...

"Minnie" as ever, the Otters are a joy to watch on the ice

"Eric" snow resting on his antlers

"Bonnie" you didn't think I would post photos of animals and not include a Pine Marten did you?

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