Friday, 11 December 2009


Kendra keeping an eye out over her new territory

About a week ago now we decided to slightly alter our Wildcat enclosures to allow for easier management. From a public point of view the changes may not be that obvious, but for us it has been a huge improvement!
We slightly raised the back part of all three enclosures to make it easier to access the very back of the enclosure where the wire netting meets the sloped ground. This allows us to get in there and keep it free overgrown plants making it easier to find the cats if they are not out and see any potential holes.
We then also changed some of the higher netting to a thin gauge wire as we have had problems this past Summer with wild Foxes entering the pens by chewing through the netting and then not being able to get out again!

This past Wednesday, 9th December, we introduced our two new kittens the main pens. Kendra was paired up with Lex in the centre enclosure while Iona was placed in the end pen with Angus (after removing Heather.)

The kittens both seem to have settled down very well and are enjoying their new found space. In fact the two boys barely have seemed to of noticed them, but I am hoping that all changes soon when they come into the breeding season!

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