Saturday, 6 February 2010

Red Kite over BWC.

Red Kite (c) Andy Critchfield

Yesterday one of our Keepers, Louise, spotted a large bird of prey circling quite low over the Centre. We all rushed out to see it and it was a Red Kite!

We have had Red Kites visit us on a couple of occasions before but only during the Summer, and never as close as this one was.

The Kite was circling on the edge of our deer paddock and nature reserve literally only 100ft above the ground. She then dropped lower making us think it was going to land in the paddock before soaring up again in the air.
She continued to circle for a couple of minutes before heading of southwards.

Red Kite (c) Andy Critchfield

Unfortunately I still prefer to see things like this with my own eyes and so was in no rush to get my camera. The photographs above are courtesy of member and regular visitor to the Centre Andy Critchfield.

It is not the only unusual visitor we have to the Centre. Our nature reserve has attracted kites before in the past, snipe, last Summer an Osprey was spotted and for the past couple of weeks a pair of ravens have been regularly seen!


  1. I shall definitely be keeping a closer eye on the sky next visit.

  2. Superb photos of the Red Kite....well done Andy!!


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