Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Deer calves/fawns

We now have two Red Deer calves that I have seen out in the deer paddock, and it seems that they belong to our two friendliest hinds, Penny and Poppy.

Eric won the rut again last Autumn, and all the older hinds should give birth over the coming weeks. At a glance I would expect us to have near to just over double figures of youngsters running around by the Summer.

The calves are on their feet within 15 minutes of being born, and although a little wobbly, can manage to follow mum around if needs be. I remember one year I was doing a Deer talk and one gave birth right at the beginning of it, and by the end the youngster was on its feet at the back of the paddock.

Above is Penny with her calf. It will not take long for the youngsters to come to the keeper talks, they will follow the herds lead, and seeing that they are not bothered by us being there, they won't be either.

One of the youngsters having a clean from mum. You can just see the dappling or lighter spots along the side of the calfs body. This would be to help it hide away in the long grass out in the wild. If you are still unsure how well this would work, look at the photo below.

Yes... there is a deer in this picture : ) It is Willow's Roe Fawn. If you look closely at the photo below, you will see where I have zoomed in on the ears just poking out from the thistles.

Ideal camouflage. The mothers will often leave their baby in the grass while they go off to feed themselves, this is why it is important to NOT disturb what you may think is an abandoned fawn. Most likely it is not and the mother is just waiting for you to leave so she can return to it safely.

Willow seems to be feeding her fawn quite regularly in the early afternoon on these past few days, keep an eye open for her next time you are here.

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