Monday, 31 May 2010


A new schedule of 'Keepers Talks' are in place for the run up to the Summer holidays. You can see the full list of half hourly talks on the keeper talk page linked above, but the only change is the removal of the afternoon red squirrel talk which has been replaced with a polecat talk.

The Red Squirrel enclosure is continuing to be a huge success, but unfortunately with the leaves growing on the trees it is making it harder to see the squirrels in their new home. For those patient enough to spend some time in the enclosure, you will be blessed with un-rivalled views of squirrels in a natural habitat in captivity. Many photographers come and spend a whole day in there and walk away with fantastic photographs for their time. We will be releasing more squirrels into the enclosure next week which will hopefully settle down in time to add the afternoon talk back into the schedule for the Summer.

In the meantime, after a successful Winter members day talk, the Polecats have a chance to take their 10 minutes of fame everyday. 2.30pm we will be on hand feeding our collection of polecats and talking about them and their life in the wild. We also have kitts at the moment, so give it another 6 weeks or so and you will see the youngsters running out and about as well.

Just a reminder we are open every day this week due to the schools being on half-term. Hope to see many of you here.

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