Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pass the Buck

Buck, our male weasel, has returned from his breeding loan to Wildwood. I collected him yesterday along with a female weasel who is now hopefully pregnant. They will both be housed in the hedgerow enclosure, but kept separate until any signs of offspring are seen.

Weasels have a fairly short gestation period so it won't be long till we find out if the pairing was successful. If not we will try again, if however it was we will be looking to hand-rear a few of the youngsters to place in the outside weasel pens opposite the snakes. These will hopefully be out by the Summer and will once again provide great photo opportunities to the regular photographers.

Weasels often have two litters a year, so we may well be able to pair them up for another go before the Summer. So once again, baby weasels running around the hedgerow is a possibility.

Updates if/when a litter emerges will be posted.

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