Monday, 17 May 2010

Flo's cubs emerge

Yesterday saw the emergence of our fox cubs for the first time. Flo, our friendly vixen, gave birth just over 4 weeks ago and has been a fantastic mum since while still staying the same old crazy fox we all love.

Some regular photographers and members got some cracking photos of them here in the afternoon of Sunday, one even managed to get a photo of three cubs together on her mobile phone! But I am afraid I have let you down... despite being up at the crack of dawn today to try, I have still not even seen them. So you have to make do with a photo of the caring mum, Flo, above. And the doting father, Frodo, below.

Only three have been seen together by visitors, and keeper Laura heard three distinct callings from the earth when first born so that could be it. Only time will tell if any more appear.


  1. So exciting, I wish I lived closer. One day I will come back.

  2. U got an amazing job you know that? I'd love to be a keeper or animal vet in another life :)



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