Monday, 3 May 2010

Red Squirrels

Looks like this year will be another good year for our red squirrels. We currently have few litters that I know of, all mothers doing well, so hopefully the kittens will all survive.

Plans for our kittens this year are to replace "Auburn" with a youngster for the male, Lennon, to hopefully pair up with later this year or next. Add a few more squirrels to our walkthorugh red squirrel enclosure, including a few females, to bulk their numbers and maybe even get them breeding out there and to set up some breeding loan groups.

We already have close connections with many Red Squirrel groups, but want to take it one step further and set up a breeding group in the South. We will loan squirrels out to other centres for them to look after, under our instruction, but the squirrels and any offspring they produce will remain ours. This way we can spread them out to avoid any populations crashes we may have at the Centre, and it will make it easier to manage the numbers of squirrels we hope to breed here in the furture.
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