Thursday, 20 January 2011

2010 Photographic Competition, Overall Winner!

2010 Overall Winner

Scottish Wildcat - Nigel Picknell,

"As Portraits go this is a classic. I really like the moody feel that Nigel has created by shooting in Low light and by using the dark background this draws all your attention to this beautiful Cat. The real draw for me though is how Nigel has decided on getting really close to his subject and by doing so, as a viewer you are attracted straight to those wonderful piecing eyes, Great Stuff." - Danny Green

Last years photographic competition was a huge success, seeing over a hundred entries per competition. It is therefore no surprise that the individual winners were hard to pick out. Therefore I called upon the services of the experts, asking a different professional wildlife photographer, to select the winner of each season. From these three winners, the keeping team chose their overall favourite. The Scottish Wildcat portrait taken by Nigel Picknell, winner of the Autumn/Winter competition. Nigel wins a free photographic day here at the British Wildlife Centre.

Below you can see the winners of the other 2 seasons.

 Red Squirrel - Mark Coventry                                          Roe Deer Fawn - Karen Jones
Chosen by Andy Rouse                                                        Chosen by Heather Angel
Spring 2010 Winner                                                                Summer 2010 Winner

A new competition for 2011 will be announced and launched here the first week of February 2011. Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting new format including a fantastic prize!

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