Thursday, 20 January 2011

Autumn/Winter Photographic Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Nigel Picknell for his winning photograph of a Scottish Wildcat. As always the competition was of a great standard, and our professorial wildlife photographer had a hard choice picking his favourite but eventually decided on the above.

For our Autumn/Winter competition I asked renowned wildlife photographer Danny Green to choose his favourite from the 12 shortlisted. This is what he said about this photograph taken by Nigel, and why he chose it as his winner.

"As Portraits go this is a classic. I really like the moody feel that Nigel has created by shooting in Low light and by using the dark background this draws all your attention to this beautiful Cat. The real draw for me though is how Nigel has decided on getting really close to his subject and by doing so, as a viewer you are attracted straight to those wonderful piecing eyes, Great Stuff." - Danny Green,

Congratulations again to Nigel. To see more of his work check out his website

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