Sunday, 8 May 2011

New babies out and about to see!

The first litter of red squirrels to be born in a walk-through enclosure are now "out and about" their new home. Having been born in one of the boxes in the holding pen, it has taken the last week for the 3 youngsters to find their feet in the branches and get the confidence to venture into the main part of the enclosure. Yesterday, for the first time, saw the mother lead the kittens out into the wide world. They ventured half way around the pen, where they remained playing in the trees mush to the delight of the small crowd at the keeper talk.

All three kittens look healthy, and we hope they will follow their mother in being friendly and coming up to say hello to you all in time.

The three fox cubs that were brought to us last week are going from strength to strength. Katie is doing a grand job in rearing them, and from next weekend we will have them out for you to meet after the two fox talks. They will be on display in the photographic pen we used last year for the youngsters. Originally as a place for the youngsters to get used to people being around, and eventually, when they are a little older, a place for them to stretch their legs in a secure setting.

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