Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Badger Cub

Another busy week at the Centre saw Andy Rouse here for a couple of days photographing fox cubs, and planning a possible new workshop. Heather Angel running one of her popular photographic workshops, and the usual array of school trips and private tours.

In amongst all this though, we found time to welcome a new member to our badger family. Pictured above is "Honey". She is a rescue cub that had been reared for a little while before being passed onto us for a new safe home. She is already quite a character, and can be seen at certain times of the day in our photographic pen, when we are open to the public.

Our own resident badger fanatic, Laura, has taken on the task of bonding with Honey and introducing her to our cub from last year, Titch. Given time we hope to then introduce both of these to Toby to form a nice clan in our observation sett. Our remaining badgers will then be placed into our "semi-wild" sett on the nature reserve. In the future this will allow us to offer badger watching evenings... something I know many of you have requested in the past.

In other baby news. Tutoke is growing fast, and you can see how proud doting mother Richard is! I am sure he will be up and flying for the Summer (Tutoke, not Richard), and will add to our already popular owl display. Twilight and Eclipse are still sat on 4 other chicks in the barn, all that can be seen on the screen in the reception area.

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  1. Honey looks like a lovely new member of the clan, look forward to hearing about how she progresses.


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