Monday, 6 June 2011

Red Squirrels gone to Kilnsey

Once again we have had a very successful year in breeding our red squirrels. At the end of last week, I took three of them up to Yorkshire to drop them off at Kilnsey Park.

Kilnsey Park is a lovely little place set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and it's stunning scenery. In our early days they helped us in acquiring red squirrels, and ever since we have helped each other out in looking after Britain's native squirrel. If you are ever up that way, do go and pay them a visit and see how our squirrels are getting on.

In other news back at the Centre, Honey our young badger cub is growing fast and has already proven to be a delight with our visitors. After each badger talk we take her out to meet the visitors, and stretch her legs a little in our photographic enclosure. As you can see, she seems to enjoy her self, haring around the pen and investigating anything new... including the camera.

She now lives at the Centre permanently, and has been sharing accommodation with our other tame badger, Titch, during the day. This week we will let them share pens for the night and see how they get on. I am sure they will be fine however, as they are often seen curled up asleep together after they have finished off their breakfasts.


  1. Haha.... All the time I see a squirrel I thought of taking a photo but it escapes very soon. How is this possible?

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  3. Wow..They look soo pretty and attractive..really loved them.

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