Monday, 18 February 2013

1/2 Term Opening

Just a reminder to everyone that we are open every day this week for the February half term, and then continue to be open for every weekend onwards until the end of October.

The weather has been good the past few days, and we have seen many visitors come to the BWC to see our animals. I always think of this half term as the start of our "open season", and a chance to get back in to the swing of things for the weekends that follow. With this in mind, we have moved a few animals around to get used to the public over this week.

A new weasel and a new stoat are on display up opposite our polecat enclosure, both have been out and about quite a bit exploring their new pens, and the stoat in particular seems already to be a favourite with many a people.

Recently we acquired two new wildcats, and McTavish (above two pics) is now also out on display in the main enclosure next to "Kendra". He is a little shy still, but seem to like lying on the top platform in the centre of the pen. He has however shown a lot of interest in Kendra, who has mirrored this affection through the wire, and so I think we will introduce them together a little earlier than originally planned.

A post with three wildcat pics... I couldn't not have at least one snarling!..

Macavity, above, has settled in extremely well and is out quite often through the day. He is already in with one of our females, Iona, and so fingers are crossed for successful mating and a litter of kittens to follow.


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