Monday, 11 February 2013

New Weasel

The second of our three new arrivals in the past week is a male weasel which has come on loan from Wildwood Trust in Herne Bay.

When I went to collect Macavity, the wildcat, from them a couple of weeks ago I found out that they had three male weasels. We are top heavy with female weasels, so we talked about the possibility of us taking one of their males on loan to help with the breeding this year.

Wildwood agreed, and so I collected one of their males earlier last week on a breeding loan. He will be paired up with one of our females later this year, and if successful we will be passing half of the litter bred here back to Wildwood.

We have been very successful in the past with breeding weasels, and so I hope this will continue. I have named this little chap "Wilson" for his stay at the BWC, so say hello next time you are here.

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