Monday, 3 February 2014

BWC Photo Comp 2013: WINNERS

I will get straight to it, as I know many of you have been asking me a lot recently on who has won the competition. All I will say quickly, once again, is many thanks to professional wildlife photographer Danny Green for choosing the winners and helping with this years judging and that the overall winner will be announced at the end of this week.

Animal Portrait Winner

"Water vole close-up" by old-man-george - flickr

Danny said "Great portrait of a very endearing mammal and I love the symmetry of the image."

Animal in their Habitat Winner

 "Pine marten" by wendysalisbury - flickr

Danny said "Beautiful portrait in beautiful light of a beautiful creature."

Animal in Motion Winner

"Dancing adders" by old-mad-george - flickr

Danny said "A very difficult bit of behaviour to capture and this is a wonderful image."

Animal and their Keeper Winner

 "Izzy and Owl" by izzy's-photos - flickr

Danny said "Great use of the environment and just captured at the right moment as the owl took flight."

Fauna Fun Winner

 "I can roar like a lion" by Gary Stamp - email

Danny said "Very funny photo and caption. Weasels are really difficult to capture as they are so fast so the photographer has done really well."

Junior Winner

"Wildcat Stare" by Jaime Holme - email

Danny said "Great portrait of a beautiful creature. It really captures the spirit of this great feline. Good use of depth of field too to show all that detail."

Congratulations to all the winners who will be displayed in the gallery in the coffee shop over the rest of the year. I think you will agree, that along with the runners up, the twelve photographs will make a great display!

The winner of each category win a years membership to the BWC, and the overall winner will be announced on Friday.

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